Gender gap in the creative professions

The gender gap is a hot topic at the moment, globally, according to the World economic forum’s 2018 Global Gender Gap report, women are pretty much at a disadvantage everywhere with the best performing country, Iceland (1st) still only achieving 85% of women towards equal gender in education, however, still not quite equal…

The UK has improved the last 4 years ranking globally from 20th 2016 to 15th in 2018. The UK achieved well against equality in education and for health in women however, areas showing only marginal improvement are particularly in politics and only slightly more improved is development in the economy with level of Income and seniority or roles being the most significant.

So how will this effect creative women? Do perhaps creative industries evaluate talent using a different platform? Ability, creativity through portfolios of work, being assessed may be key. Does this mode of interviewing give more value to women in the creative work force as men?

This is not to say women don’t have issues in the creative economy where women not involved in artistic creation, they do, however the best way to approach the issue is still debated and still resonates with women directly contributing to the Creative industries.

Some suggest that the UK should re-frame its economic structure and social norms. Others such as Facebook’s CEO, Sandberg and several UK senior women interviewed by the Design Council  and the Arts Council suggests that women need to develop the confidence and become more assertive.

Conversely, some women in Business are contesting this ‘confidence gap’ citing research that suggests that society has ingrained modesty norms that prohibit women from being assertive and powerful often having a negative effect on an assertive women with women at times being more prohibitive in men.

tangled yarn

The issue is like a ball of wool, you pull one end with potential only to find it knots, you pull another promising lead to find it knots too. Somehow the UK needs to unravel the issue of gender gap. If we don’t, we waste precious resources and untapped potential.


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