‘In character’ for panel discussion

A fizz in the atmosphere, a group of people gathered together into the evening, not a party but getting together to prepare for the MACE Presentation panel discussion.


The practice re-run while ill prepared, it gave us loads of things to work on: pulling the discussion together at the end, being clearer with what we are trying to say and keeping it small.

The issue of sustainability and the triple bottom line, we have found, is rather a large subject…..

Just reading enough to find the right texts to become familiar enough about the subjects was difficult enough but to then distill it down into a 20 minute discussion with 5 people was a challenge. Especially since we all seemed to have forgotten the exercise existed four weeks earlier.

Two weeks to assessment; I was lucky enough to be involved in an awesome team that believed in preparation rather than staying up late. Brilliant! We all contributed to the sourcing of papers and reading with some really focused meetings (skype and physical). I felt really supported and wanted to pull my weight.

A long but worthwhile trip for the panel meeting; the new child recruits to MACE are off picture.

It did mean I had to make a 5 hour round trip with two children for a 2 hour meeting, however, the kids were very accommodating and the panel team got a lot done.

While the team would have liked far more re-runs to memorise the script, I think considering the time-frame and allocating time to ensure nervous team mates were calm was, all-in-all the point of being in a team. We stayed working together to deliver the discussion in as professional a manner as possible.

We did unfortunately have to read from the script as we just didn’t practice enough, however the Q&A discussion was really enjoyable to stay in character giving us the opportunity to say all the other things we wanted to say about the subject.

Pleasantly, we achieved a good grade, and if discussions with peers later are to be believed, we even managed to divide opinions in class and open new thoughts through our played out arguments.


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