Top 20!

Fantastic News!

Cosy-Book made the final 20 from 150 applications and has been selected for the weekend bright Ideas ‘Sprint’.

Our team, (promazers) were really pleased to get recognition for our product and we were really looking forward to practicing the pitch. We were a bit apprehensive as to what to expect on the weekend but after a dynamic start to the day with ‘speed dating’ style of introductions with other shortlisted teams we were able to use the sessions to solidify our understanding our market, audience and their needs. Tasks were reassuringly similar to class so Kaushika and I were able to refine how we thought of our product.

teams working on business canvases’

Several important opportunities came out from the day, by far the best was the professional coaches who gave us some fantastic and exceptionally useful feedback. I was able to Organise a meeting with Alan Clayton, one of the coaches who is a mentor from HAX, a company who invests in hardware tech. I wanted to discuss my own idea for a startup after the course. He was very helpful and we discussed how to create a movement and community driven movements; a useful business card to have.

The speeches where enlightening; I’m not sure I agree with Daniel Elahi’s view of only sleeping for three hours a day to manage the workload, I think I would reach burnout very quickly. Having worked in a professional career for over 20 years, I feel it is irresponsible to promote this way of working as I have observed and experienced burnout, nobody stops you and the Imbalance of work can cause lasting damage if you don’t notice it.

Furthermore we were able to test out our product pitch again and again, refining our elevator pitch to other groups. This particularly informed how we marketed the product at the KU Fair.

Kaushika and I were able to practice pitch to Katherine Eames from the London Mayors Entrepreneur competition. She identified that we didn’t explain what Cosy-Book it is early enough and spent a while thinking it was a book (this confusion repeated in the presentation at the KU fair and in a hackathon that Kaushika attended later; it is making us consider a name change). Really helpful.

Our second pitch to the coach Alan Clayton was more refined and after running way over time at the dragons den and coming 2 minutes under in our practice run, we nailed it for the pitch by finishing 5 seconds early! We were really pleased with our Pitch. Kaushika and I were both able to say what we wanted and feedback was positive.

I would have liked more critique so we could have work on something however, the positive pitch helped us to bond more as a team so we came away from the event feeling more in control and ready for the KU fair.

MACE’RS & Design Thinking teams after a busy two days

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